Back in December, just after we launched FireMisting, we wanted to come up with the best way to showcase exactly how misting systems work in real life.

We had the idea of building an in-house demonstration misting pod where builders, architects and local councils could come and view how misting worked in a controlled environment.

Putting our ideas into action

We got to work building the pod in our warehouse, and fully installed a misting system with one misting nozzle inside. The pod included a viewing window and full drainage and ventilation which enables us to light and suppress a fire inside.

We began a teaser campaign across our social channels, to promote interest in what we were building and see if our followers could guess what it was going to be. This was also a great way to introduce FireMisting as a brand and start to get it out in the public eye.

Bringing the pod to life

We wanted the pod to reflect a homely environment so we enlisted the artistic talents of local graffiti artist Andy “Dimeone” Birch from Dime One North Wales Graffiti Art Murals.

Andy worked to our brief of bringing the pod to life both inside and out with his amazing three-dimensional graffiti images. He perfectly captured a homely living room environment and even added a pet cat and family portrait above the fireplace as well as some FireMisting inspired wallpaper.

Outside, he created realistic looking brickwork and front door, a tree to add a splash of colour and a lifelike portrait of Molly our office dog.

Our first visitors

Once the artwork, system testing and final snagging list was complete, we were ready to launch the pod!

Our first visitors to see the pod in action were students from Elfed High School in neighbouring town Buckley. They visited as part of a media trip where amongst other activities, they would film the misting pod in action and look at all the different ways to promote this via social media.

They were first to witness real fires being lit in the pod and our misting system suppressing them which they really enjoyed, and a great day was had by all!

Exciting times ahead

Interest in our misting pod continues to go from strength to strength with enquiries coming in from building contractors, architects and local councils interested in seeing misting in real life.

This is especially popular with Welsh companies as fire suppression systems such (as misting systems) are now regulation in any new build house, renovation, HMO, care home or loft conversion in Wales.

If you are a building contractor, architect or local council and would like to book an opportunity to come and see FireMisting in action, please get in touch on 01244 885061 or drop us an email at [email protected]