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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure our misting systems will meet your needs, check out the frequently asked questions below. If there’s anything we haven’t answered, get in touch with us using our contact form, or simply call us on 01244 885061.

Can a misting system be fitted into an existing (retrofit) building?2019-03-07T13:29:30+01:00

Yes, as we only use 10mm nylon tubing to feed all the nozzles which is a none intrusive installation and is suitable for most properties.  If you are not sure if this will be suitable for your property, just contact us and we can advise accordingly.

Do you offer any other coloured nozzles?2019-01-18T10:48:28+01:00

Yes, we can match most colours using RAL colour matching.

What size pipework do I need?2019-01-18T10:46:38+01:00

You will need 15mm or 22mm to the pump unit.  Don’t worry too much about this though, our engineers will have it covered!

What water pressure is required for a misting system?2019-01-18T10:47:11+01:00

Minimum 1 bar.  Our engineers will establish this prior to installation to ensure correct pressures for your property.

How much water flow is needed for it to operate?2019-02-25T17:01:01+01:00

Water flow of just 12 litres per minute is required for our system.

What are the electrical requirements?2019-03-07T13:29:59+01:00

Our misting system pumps require 20amp @ 230vAC rotary type local to the pump. AC20 type breaker with FP200 or similar approved cable.

Are you fully insured?2019-02-25T17:02:26+01:00

Yes, all our engineers are fully insured.

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Our fire suppression systems offer a cost effective, environmentally friendly and less damaging way of protecting both domestic & residential properties from fire.
We use the very latest innovative designs to provide highly effective fire protection to a home. We are registered and approved contractors and we are proud to install fire suppression systems from our head office in North Wales across the whole of the UK.


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