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Fire Misting Overview


Our fire suppression systems offer a cost effective essays services , environmentally friendly and less damaging way of protecting both domestic & residential properties from fire using the very latest innovative design.

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FireMisting Systems

Our Systems

We use a pump-based system comprising a pump unit, internal control system, water supply connection, monitoring and alarm feedback system with closed head discharge nozzles.

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Sprinkler vs SmartMist

Sprinkler vs Misting

Sprinkler systems are effective in extinguishing fires, but use a large amount of water per min on activation which can lead to severe water damage. Misting systems use considerably less, meaning less damage to your home in the event of an activation.

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FireMisting Explained

Misting Systems Explained

Misting  essays services systems cool both flames and surrounding gases by evaporating them. They displace the oxygen which feeds the fire, and extinguishes the radiant heat stopping the fire from breathing.

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FireMisting Testing Standards

Fire Testing & Approvals

It is imperative that the performance of any misting system you are looking to install is verified and certified by a recognised and accredited third party.

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FireMisting Maintenance


Ongoing annual maintenance of your fire misting system is vital to ensure the system stays healthy and for your continued peace of mind. We can help you set up an annual plan so that servicing is one less thing to worry about.

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