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FireMisting Pump Unit

Our FireMisting Pump Unit

Our system is pump based and removes the need to have water holding tanks as it connects straight to your mains water supply.    Measuring just 38cm x 38cm and 21cm in depth, it will neatly fit under your sink unit leaving plenty of space for your kitchen cleaning equipment.

Our system performs regular self-tests and has both audible and visual indicators for alarm, fault and healthy operations.

Working at a nominal pressure of 60 bar, our system is an extremely effective form of fire suppression.

Our Misting Nozzles

Our misting nozzles are individually fitted with fast response frangible bulbs set to operate only when room temperature reaches a minimum of 57ºC.  Nozzles will not activate before this temperature is reached, which means burning the toast, or steam from cooking won’t activate a nozzle accidentally.

Unlike in the movies where we see sprinkler systems activate with every nozzle head going off, our misting nozzles activate individually depending on the temperature, allowing water to discharge from the open nozzle only.  More nozzles may operate over time dependant on the fire size and location, until the maximum capacity of the system is reached.

Our nozzles discharge water mist with droplets in the 50-150-micron range, which provides a fine mist rather than a surge of water.  Each nozzle has been fully tested and validated to the industry required standard BS8458:2015

Our nozzles are precision machined from Aluminium and incorporate a steel mesh filter to prevent clogging of the waterways.  They come as standard in a white finish, but can be colour coded to match any room design if required

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Systems For Residential Properties

Whatever your property type, we can design and install a FireMisting system to suit your needs.

We provide installations for new build homes, renovations, extensions, residential care homes, homes of multiple occupancy (HMOs), loft conversions, B&Bs and many more

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Systems For Commercial Buildings

Do you have a larger scale project?

We can design and install systems for larger commercial properties too.  Using the low pressure DualMIST system we can provide effective fire suppression technology for large factories and commercial offices

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